Postnatal Support Groups

Postnatal Support Groups

Being a mother can often feel quite daunting. The reality of having a baby doesn’t always fit our expectations. Sometimes motherhood can feel like an emotional rollercoaster and not always that much fun.

Sound familiar? You are not alone.

I run postnatal groups for mothers who are struggling to enjoy motherhood. In the groups we talk about the experience of becoming a mother and the highs and lows of parenting. The sessions involve group discussions as well as some creative activities.

 The aim is to bring together a small groups of mums (and babies) who can talk in a supportive, trusting environment about becoming a parent. We cover issues like pregnancy, birth and early motherhood as well as some of the less talked about issues such as how your relationship may change with your partner, your support network and other family related issues. We use images, pictures and objects as a way of expressing thoughts and feelings and to help explore difficult issues in a sensitive way. As adults we are so used to communicating verbally and talking through issues that it can be liberating to express yourself in other ways too. By working creatively in the group you will be able to map out your feelings and experiences in front of you, so that you can see them clearly and work through them in a new way.

If becoming a mother feels like a struggle at times, and some days it’s not all you’d hoped, then joining a postnatal group could help.

How much does it cost?

 The postnatal groups are all charitably funded or funded by the NHS so it is FREE for you to attend.


Where is the group held?

 We meet in the Widcombe Room, Open House Centre, Manvers Street Baptist Church, Bath, BAI 1JW. The Open House Centre Office phone number is 01225 461600


Can I bring my baby?

If your baby is under 7 months then yes, both of you can attend. Unfortunately the room is not suitable for crawling babies or older children due to small objects and arts materials, so you would need to find childcare for them while you attend.


How can I join the group?

 If you are interested in booking a place in the next group, please phone (01225) 590841

 and leave a message for Domini or email    


Still not sure if a group is right for you?

Have a look on my ‘Testimonials’ page to see what other people have said about the groups.